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Sargeant insists on green energy policies in LDPs

Words: Roger Milne
Carl Sargeant | National Assembly for Wales

Planning minister Carl Sargeant has urged planning authorities to do more to ensure that green energy policies are set out in local development plans (LDPs).

The minister has written to chief planning officers and planning lead members to voice his disappointment that although planning authorities have carried out renewable energy assessments as part of their LDP evidence base, this has not been translated into local policies (including siting) for five to 25 megawatt renewable energy schemes or other low-carbon technologies.

“The designation of such areas would show leadership at the local level, give certainty to the renewable energy industry in making investment decisions, and - through the LDP consultation process - would give communities a say as to where renewable energy developments should be located,” he said.

“By designating these areas, developments can be guided to the most appropriate locations.

“It is imperative that the planning system identifies and protects areas with renewable energy generation potential for the long term, irrespective of any short-term decisions on financial support and regulatory regimes which are being taken by the UK Government,” added Sargeant. 

Image credit | National Assembly for Wales