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Salford waterfront scheme to go ahead

Words: Laura Edgar
Cotton Quay, Salford / Lichfields

Salford City Council has approved developers Royalton Group and Frogmore’s Cotton Quay scheme.

It comprises four “distinct” quarters drawing on the area’s association with the cotton industry. Buildings of 37 and 48 storeys feature in the scheme. 

The site is surrounded by water on three sides (to the north, south and west) and sits next to the Holiday Inn hotel. Two existing buildings, Laser House and Magnetic House, will be demolished.

The existing road, Waterfront Quay, will be moved from the centre of the site to the north, while a southern promenade will be built, primarily for pedestrians and cyclists.

The development is set to deliver:

  • up to 1,493 homes;
  • commercial, retail and leisure spaces;
  • two hotels;
  • harbour lido baths in St Francis Basin;
  • multistorey car park with rooftop play area, climbing wall and bouldering centre;
  • new public realm, such as an ecology park; and
  • floating gardens.

The council granted full planning permission for 489 dwellings; 2,296 square metres of retail and/or commercial use, one of the hotels, the multistorey car park and most other aspects of the scheme.

Outline permission has been granted for 1,004 dwellings, the second hotel and 920 square metres of retail/commercial space. A number of contributions will also be provided by the developers as part of the permission.

Planning consultancy Lichfields secured consent on behalf of the developers. According to analysis by the firm, the development will support almost 650 construction jobs, as well as more than 100 jobs at the new hotels and commercial outlets.

Image credit | Lichfields