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RTPI Vice President voting open

Words: Laura Edgar

Voting is now open for election for the role of 2016 vice president for the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).

Marion Chalmers and Stephen Wilkinson, both chartered members of the RTPI, are standing for election for the 2017 RTPI presidency, with voting now open for all categories being contested in the 2015 elections.

Marion ChalmersChalmers is currently the director at MRC Planning & Economics Limited and has previously held the position of strategic director at Declan Brassil & Company Limited and managing director at DTZ Pieda Consulting Ireland.

Elected to the RTPI Board of Trustees for 2015 and 2016, Chalmers is a member of the General Assembly (GA), Partnership Accreditation Panel, and Education and Lifelong Learning Committee (ELLC), of which she is the vice chair.

In her nomination statement, Chalmers said “promotion of out profession/planning underpins” why she became a board trustee, a GA member, vice chair of ELLC and why she is standing for vice president. “We more effectively than any time previously are achieving this – there is much to build on. I want to further shape this but the key thrust of what I want to achieve is engaging better with: you the Members and Planning Schools; students through Partnership Boards; developing the Future Planners initiative; and, promoting the Membership Growth Strategy – all part of Institute/ELLC strategy. In essence, it is what I would term an Institute ‘Localism’ agenda that is more than better membership focussed.”

Stephen WilkinsonWilkinson is the head of planning and strategic partnerships at Lee Valley Regional Park Authority. His previous roles include planning and regeneration lead in London for the Audit Commission and area planning officer for Westminster City Council.

In 2014, Wilkinson became a board trustee and a member of Regions and Nations Panel. He is also a member of the GA, the International Committee, the Nominations Sub Committee, the Audit Committee and Management Development Panel.

In his statement, Wilkinson expresses his commitment to serving the profession, saying that as president he will champion the RTPI’s international role, best practice and the achievements of the professions and the RTPI’s policy development role.

“I am passionate about the importance of planning which delivers the aspirations of people for housing, jobs and a healthier environment. This is the reason why I became a planner, and which, after 30 years as a chartered member, still motivates me.”

Chartered members can vote for who they want to be 2016 vice president. For more information on this and the voting for other roles - Fellows and Ordinary members of the GA and Chartered Member of the Board of Trustees - please visit the RTPI website.