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RTPI Scotland launches its 2016 Scottish Election manifesto

Words: Laura Edgar

RTPI Scotland has published a manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Election comprising actions it believes are needed to build a successful and sustainable country, including appointing a cabinet secretary for places.

In the manifesto, RTPI Scotland also stresses how planning has important roles to play in enabling sustainable economic growth and promoting social justice. It also sets out how, with the right support, planners and the planning system can help the new government to achieve these ambitions.

RTPI Scotland believes that any future Scottish government must aim to:

  1. Provide a quality home for everyone who needs one through the increasing number of quality homes built.

   2. Ensure that planning authorities have the resources they need through investing in the planning service, exploring how to de-clutter unneeded processes, and by incentivising continuous improvement.

  3. Support communities to shape the place they live in by enabling planning authorities, communities and community organisations to engage in early discussion on the future of their places.

  4. Support and protect town and city centres by ensuring a Town Centre First Duty is included in Community Plans and that this is monitored and reported on transparently.

  5. Invest in infrastructure and use the National Planning Framework, Strategic Development Plans and City Deals to coordinate investment and align budgets.

  6. Create great places for people by establishing a cabinet secretary for places to coordinate support for cities, town, villages and neighbourhoods and through better linking town planning with community planning.

  7. Set out clear, integrated framework for energy through publishing a National Energy Strategy providing a clear evidence base and policy framework for decisions.

RTPI Scotland convenor Pam Ewen said: “Our seven-point action plan shows the vital role that planning can play in supporting Scotland to thrive. Giving planning a more central role in the new government can ensure that we use resources to best effect through better coordinating infrastructure with development and connecting visions with resources. It will allow the government to plan more effectively to create sustainable economic growth and to deliver quality places across Scotland. I urge all involved in the forthcoming election to take our proposals on board.”