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RTPI publishes ethics guidance

Words: Laura Edgar
Moral compass

The RTPI has for the first time published guidance on professional ethics, which reiterates the need for planners to “act fearlessly and impartially in their professional judgement”.

The institute says it recognises the growing ethical challenges that members face due to the pressure planners are under to “deliver more with limited resources”, and as more of them operate internationally in very different cultural and political systems.

The guidance note covers issues including ethical challenges, conflicts of interest, equality and diversity and professional competency.

A summary of this can be found in the April edition of The Planner magazine, and in the advice section of The Planner website.

Andrew Close, head of careers, education and professional development, said: “Professional planners are held in high regard because they deal with important long term issues affecting the public. Issues can be complex and planners need to weigh up, and balance, often competing demands for the use or development of land. Planners therefore play a key role in ensuring economic, social and environmental factors are appropriately considered by local politicians and communities.

“This guidance addresses a wide range of different situations and should help members steer through them with more confidence, and exemplify the professional behaviour expected of them.”

Guidance notes on “Starting your own Private Practice” (pdf) and “Continuing Professional Development” (pdf) have also been published to help members follow the updates to the Code of Professional Conduct, published in February.

The 2016 Planning Convention has a dedicated “Ethics Under Pressure” session. More information about the convention can be found here.

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