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RTPI points to missing links in industrial strategy

Words: Huw Morris

The government’s industrial strategy green paper is failing to link with its other drives on housing, the environment and climate change, argue planners.

The RTPI says housebuilding and environmental protection are major economic and technological opportunities that must be exploited and much more closely integrated with the industrial strategy.

It calls for the strategy to set out specific, mission-oriented objectives such as the transition to a green economy and building one million homes. This would provide a catalyst to innovation growth and exports while at the same time improving people’s lives.

“The 25-year environmental plan that the government has committed to produce, and the country’s obligations under the Climate Change Act and clean growth plan should all shape the industrial strategy and the design of mutually compatible targets,” said head of policy and research Richard Blyth. “But these have received little attention in the current green paper.”

The RTPI also stressed the importance of built environment professional services to the industrial strategy, and the importance of maintaining the UK’s high standards of professionalism, environmental protection and construction products.

“A race to the bottom on environmental standards will mean our consultancies lose valuable marketable value,” said Blyth. “If the UK fails to invest in and value urban planning and other built environment professional services, this will not go unnoticed in overseas markets, not to mention its detrimental impact at home.”

Image: iStock