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RTPI: Planning ‘essential’ for successful future

Words: Laura Edgar
Creating places / Shutterstock: 516642517

The RTPI has called on the next government to create an inclusive, economically successful and resilient society with jobs, homes and infrastructure where they are needed after Brexit through planning, while the TCPA has called for an effective land value capture mechanism to pay for necessary infrastructure.

The institute manifesto covered four key areas it thinks the government must act on to ensure Britain secures a successful future.

The recommendations include:

Promote fairness and equity

  • Incentivising cooperation between local authorities so that land for development is made available on the right scale in the right locations (near to jobs and public transport, for example).

  • Giving local authorities the power to capture the uplift in land value that follows when land is earmarked for development, allowing the benefits of growth to be reinvested into high quality affordable housing and infrastructure for communities.

Represent and engage communities

  • Devolve spending powers from central government so that city and county-regions have the tools needed to create economic growth and invest in affordable housing and infrastructure, allowing decisions to be made closer to where people live.

Conserve and enhance our heritage and environment

  • Ensuring built heritage is conserved through investing in sensitive re-purposing for current and future needs.

Meet the needs of current and future generations

  • Developing an industrial strategy to empower local areas to deliver growth and jobs that includes delivering one million and making all buildings zero carbon.

Stephen Wilkinson, president of the RTPI, said: “If the next government is to succeed, it must draw on planners’ expertise to help deliver a successful future for this country. Only planning can weave together the social, economic and environmental priorities to deliver better and more inclusive places.”

The institute said the government must implement measures to support the next generation of planners through education, apprenticeships and research to secure a continuing supply of built environment professionals. Additionally, the government needs to make sure the UK maintains its international reputation for high skills and professional standards, “a valuable export opportunity”.

The manifesto can be found here (pdf).

* Planning is a devolved function of UK Nations, and the proposals set out here by the RTPI relate almost entirely to England.

TCPA calls for shift in planning policy to deliver affordable homes

In its own manifesto, the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) has called on all major political parties to restore standards in design and place-making, including low-carbon design, and space and accessibility standards for new homes.

Building the future, the TCPA’s manifesto for June’s snap general election, comprises a number of pledges, including:

  • Introduce a new national spatial plan to address regional inequalities – by, for example, coordinating increased infrastructure investment in the UK’s Northern cities – and encourage a better balance of work and home across the nation.
  • Revise the National Planning Policy Framework to restore standards in design and place-making, including low-carbon design and space and accessibility standards for new homes.
  • Commit to a new programme of Garden Cities based on a comprehensive update of the New Towns Act, with a legal duty to implement the Garden City principles.
  • Ensure that effective land value capture mechanisms are in place to pay for the basic transport, health and educational infrastructure that can make places work for people.

Kate Henderson, chief executive at the TCPA, said: “The general election provides the opportunity for a new government to ensure the planning system creates inclusive and sustainable places that enhance our quality of life, health and well-being. In tackling the housing crisis, we must match an ambition to increase the supply of new homes with funding for social and affordable housing and a commitment to restore important design and quality standards for new housing.”

Building the future can be found here (pdf).

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