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RTPI Cymru lists 10 ‘asks’ for Welsh assembly election

Words: Laura Edgar
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RTPI Cymru has made 10 requests of the political parties in Wales for the next term of the National Assembly for Wales – including ensuring that planning authorities have the resources they need.

The election will take place on Thursday 5 May 2016.

The manifesto states that “now, more than ever”, it is the planning system that “guides how we live, work and relax”. It says that Planning Policy Wales embeds sustainable development in planning, and must continue to be its starting point.

RTPI Cymru’s 10 asks of the parties in Wales for the next term of the National Assembly for Wales are:

  1. Embed new legislation and make the plan-led system work

A future Welsh Government should continue with the reforms in the Planning (Wales) Act, continue to make the plan-led system in Wales work, and ensure that local planning authorities prioritise adoption of local development plans and keep them up to date.

  2. Ensure the provision of a quality home for everyone in Wales who needs one

The Welsh Government must take a bigger role in delivering housing supply by: funding infrastructure; delivering development; assembling land; and improving guidance on housing requirements.

  3. Coordinate policy by focusing on places

The new Welsh Government should establish a cabinet position for ‘places’ to ensure that approaches support cities, towns, villages and neighbourhoods.

  4. Support communities to shape the place they live in

The Welsh Government must support planning authorities, communities and community organisations to engage in early discussion on the future of their place so they can influence emerging plans and strategies.

  5. Ensure that planning services have the resources they need

A new Welsh Government must invest in the planning service including its own delivery, the Planning Inspectorate and vital support services provided to planning by Natural Resources Wales and the Design Commission for Wales.

  6. Promote the quality and strength of town and city centres

The new regime must: ensure that a Town Centre First duty is included in Well-being Plans and explore approaches to more flexible planning in town centres.

  7. Set out a clear and integrated framework for energy

The National Energy Strategy must be integrated with the National Development Framework to provide clear evidence base and policy framework for decisions with the spatial elements of this provided through the National Development and National Marine Plane.

  8. Better integrate infrastructure and development

Using the new National Development Framework and strategic development plans, the new government must promote connectivity and undertake infrastructure appraisals to maximise the effectiveness of investment in infrastructure and service provision and development, using city deals and Enterprise Zones to support this.

  9. Ensure that the natural environment is protected and enhanced

The government must ensure that the planning system continues to recognise the importance of the natural environment when setting policy and promoting understanding of the environment’s essential role in contributing to the economy and social priorities.

  10. Promote a more equitable and resilient economy

A future Welsh Government must ensure a well-resourced planning system that is able to respond to economic opportunities that bring benefits to Wales while balancing environmental and social impacts.

The full manifesto can be found here (pdf).

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