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RTPI blogs round-up: Climate-conscious planning in the City of Melbourne

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 4 April-1 May, 2020

Climate-conscious planning in the City of Melbourne

My first walk through central Melbourne quickly revealed the measures adopted to adapt the city to the shifting climate. Public spaces, streets, lanes and buildings have been transformed through retrofitting living walls, green roofs, street trees, open spaces and rain gardens. With temperatures reaching up to 7 degrees celsius higher than the rest of the city, the central area has had to plant up its hard surfaces to directly address the ‘urban heat island effect’ and in turn help city liveability...

By Heather Claridge MRTPI, RTPI Young Planner of the Year 2018

Electric vehicles: A step into the unknown?

The majority of us have been forced to embrace alternatives to our usual travel habits due to the current coronavirus lockdown. We are switching to Google Earth for site visits and grappling with varying broadband speeds and new platforms for meetings and committees. 

When we are able to resume normal travel practises, it is essential that we re-focus our minds on the key role that electric vehicles (EVs) will play...

By John Pearson MRTPI, planning adviser, National Trust

How pandemic could inspire RTPI Research Excellence Awards entries

The Royal Town Planning Institute’s Awards for Research Excellence are an invitation to the planning community to showcase innovative research that tackles urgent problems, advances policy and practice and bridges the work of academia and the broader challenges facing our community.

The current global pandemic and lockdown has brought many of those challenges into sharp relief.  The spotlight has shifted onto inadequacies in infrastructure and services – largely healthcare - but also the vital transport and communications needed to keep the country running...

By Nick Gallent, FRTPI