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RTPI blog round-up: Why we need to shout about planning

Words: Laura Edgar
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A round-up of RTPI blogs: 4 January - 5 February, 2016

Why we need to shout about planning

As a non-planner and still relatively new to the world of planning, I’ve been struck over the past few months by two things. One is that planning is a vital and exciting profession. The second is that planners are, almost by nature, reluctant to shout about it.

By Rebecca Hildreth, head of marketing and sponsorship

Housing lessons for London from Scotland

Few stones have been left unturned in the search for explanations for the high cost of housing in London. The greenbelt, land banking, housing being used as an investment rather than a home, shortage of land, building regulations – the list goes on. A recent report from the Resolution Foundation comparing London and Scotland makes prompts the question of what we could learn from a bit of Caledonian policy tourism.

By Joseph Kilroy, policy office, and Katherine Pollard, policy and networks adviser

Towards a Great North Plan - An insider's view of the Northern Summit

They came from business, academia, development, local authorities and from civic society too. They also came as individuals, with no axe to grind, no lobbying intent, but they came to work. These were the participants in a quest to seek out a plan for the North, a Great North Plan.

Bob Wolfe, honorary regional secretary for RTPI Yorkshire

Planning in the next Parliament - Building a successful and sustainable Scotland

The Scottish election takes place on 5th May. At this important time for planning – what with a planning review and difficult economic circumstances – there is a need and an opportunity to promote the good things that planning can do for the country and what planners require to be able to do this.

By Nikola Miller, planning policy and practice officer

Why does the RTPI champion diversity?

There’s been a lot of talk about diversity lately. Whether it is equal pay for women, transgender equality or race at work, diversity is being discussed and championed across society from the highest levels of government to the UK Parliament and in offices across the nation. Why now? It is clear the ‘times they are a changin’.

By Trudi Elliott, chief executive, for the Construction Industry Council

What does 2016 hold for planning in Scotland?

With the Scottish election taking place in May, RTPI Scotland has published a manifesto that has been shared with the main political parties. Planning in the Next Parliament: Building a Successful and Sustainable Scotland sets out seven key game-changers on housing, resources, infrastructure, town and city centres, energy, community engagement and place making. I expect all of these issues to be highlighted in the lead up to the elections.

By Craig McLaren, director of RTPI Scotland