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RTPI blog round-up: Why measuring planning outcomes is vital

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 21 December 2019-31 January, 2020

Why measuring planning outcomes is vital

Following the appointment of Kevin Murray Associates to lead a large RTPI research project into measuring planning outcomes, associate director of the firm, Iain MacPherson, sets out why this is such a key piece of research for planners and planning...

By Iain MacPherson, associate director at Kevin Murray Associates

Planning for 'well beings'

In our drive to meet targets and create dense urban areas, what kind of places are we creating?  As we enter a new decade and face unprecedented change, evidence suggests that our built environment can pose a significant health risk...  

By Shaun Andrews, executive director at Nexus Planning

One Planet Development: the opportunities and challenges of a living countryside

Society is slowly waking up to the planet’s finite supply of resources, expressed in terms such as ‘limits to growth’, and more recently as ‘One Planet Living’. One Planet Living highlights that unless society comes to live within the capacity of the planet, we continuously deplete the Earth’s resources. The Ecological Footprint has emerged as a way of measuring our impact, and it highlights that Western societies are consuming more than twice their share of the Earth’s resources. Some countries, including Wales, are now using this tool to drive society towards more sustainable futures...

By Neil Harris, an academic in the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University, and Allan Archer, an independent planning consultant following a career in local government planning services

RTPI ICN conference 2019 report

The Independent Consultants’ Network has expanded to more than 800 members, the majority of whom work alone. The annual ICN conference is designed to promote networking within the group, increase learning and provide an opportunity for intensive discussion about current planning issues...

By Deidre Wells, chair of the RTPI's Independent Consultants' Network (ICN)