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RTPI blog round-up: Who loves a planning committee?

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 1 February-28 February, 2020

Who loves a planning committee?

The planning committee forms an essential part of the decision-making process in planning, with local councillors discussing and voting on planning applications and local plans on the advice of professional planning officers. They can also be controversial with a Policy Exchange report (Airey and Doughty, 2020), suggesting that planning moves towards a "zoning" system with politicians removed from the process of actually determining planning applications. However, it has been through attending committee in Worcester for the past few months, while also writing up my PhD Chapters on Power, Politics and Governance in Planning, that I have really considered whether committees are the best way to make decisions...

By Charles Goode, doctoral researcher in urban and regional planning at the University of Birmingham.

Local government can achieve the goal of sustainable development

Former president of the RTPI Peter Geraghty highlights that some local authorities are considering how to include the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs) in their plans, despite a lack of clear and coherent guidance nationally...

By Peter Geraghty FRTPI, head of planning and transport at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

A Housing Design Audit for England (2020) - ‘shows promise but must do better’

Chair of the RTPI Urban Design Network, Justin Webber, comments on A Housing Design Audit for England – a report, conducted by University College London (UCL) for the Place Alliance and the Campaign to Protect Rural England, which was launched on 21 January 2020...

By Justin Webber, chair of the RTPI Urban Design Network.

A day in the life of a chartered town planning apprentice

I chose planning as a career because I wanted to be part of the decision-making processes that shape our towns and cities. Many of our historic local communities need regeneration and I wanted to be part of the driving force that brings about change.

I chose the apprenticeship route as it enables me to reinforce the knowledge and skills that I learnt at university in a live working environment...

By Rebekah Mehmi, chartered town planning apprentice at Wycombe District Council.

Image credit | RTPI