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RTPI blog round-up: What do new planning proposals on flood and coastal change mean?; Why virtual planning meetings must continue

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 26 February-1 April, 2021

What do new planning proposals on flood and coastal change mean?

As part of its planning reforms, the government in England was consulting on changes to planning policies on flooding and coastal change. This comes in the wake of last summer’s new flood and coastal erosion risk management policy statement and revised Environment Agency strategy. How significant are the proposed changes and do they go far enough?...

By Andrew Coleman, senior lecturer at the University of Brighton

What I'm reading during the pandemic and why it matters - Part 2

Avid readers of the RTPI blogs may recall that I published a blog on the book by Jane Jacobs: The Death and Life of Great American Cities, where I set myself the goal of thinking critically about whether the content would be applicable today.

In this follow up blog post I want to share one of the key outcomes that I took away from the book, specifically about parks and open spaces, and apply this to a couple of examples in my local town of Stowmarket, Suffolk...

By Michael Hammond, senior planning officer in the planning policy team at Ipswich Borough Council

Don’t stop me now! Why virtual planning meetings must continue

From 7 May 2021 local councils in England will no longer be able to hold planning committee meetings online. Instead, they will have to revert to face-to-face meetings under pre-Covid legislation which will be a huge retrograde step. It could also slow the decision making process down with many lockdown measures forecast to still be in force then...

By Richard Blyth, head of policy at the RTPI

What I’m reading during the pandemic and why it matters - Part 1

It’s rare that we town planners get to take centre stage when it comes to television, literature and film. Architecture as a profession has always been portrayed as the trendier and cooler occupation. This is evident in the fact that Grand Designs has more than 200 episodes over a 20 year period and the closest we tend to get is a throwaway line “and then they got planning permission” in the opening five minutes before all the fun stuff happens, or, occasionally, we’re the nasty bureaucrats who, like the big bad wolf, just want to blow the house down and ruin people’s dreams of building their own home...

By Michael Hammond, senior planning officer in the planning policy team at Ipswich Borough Council

Presidential visit North East - Planning for new woodlands

To celebrate the UN’s International Day of Forests, my first virtual presidential visit of 2021 was to the new forests in Northumberland...

By RTPI President Dr Wei Yang FRTPI

What does 'transformative change' for sustainable development look and feel like?

'Sustainable development', while being the overarching goal of planning and resource management decisions around the world for more than 30 years, has proved to be an elusive target. Despite the best intentions of both legislated and even 'best practice' decision making frameworks, the quality of the environment and health of ecosystems has continued to decline...

By Marijke Ransom, subdivision consent planner, Tasman District Council, New Zealand

To improve people’s mental health, planning needs to put wellbeing at the forefront of its culture

Thanks to the the RTPI’s Practitioner Research Fund award I’ve spent the last year examining the integration of mental health culture into planning systems and structures.

I was awarded the grant for my proposal, A study into the relationship between the built environment and mental health in the UK and potential policy outcomes, which aimed to encourage practitioners to get involved in research. Moving from university and having an awareness of this relationship, I saw first-hand this gap with mental health and planning, and the grant allowed me to look further into it...

By James McGowan, planner at Lichfields

The ‘Genius of the City’ is a woman

I have been waiting for International Women’s Day 2021, to share the story of the ‘Genius of the City’ with you all, says Dr Wei Yang.

In 1924, the RTPI President’s Badge of Office was first presented to the members by the President at the time William Thomas Lancashire, as well as Vice President Patrick Abercrombie and Immediate Past President Thomas Hayton Mawson. The badge was designed and executed by a lady, Mrs K Winny Austin...

By RTPI president Dr Wei Yang FRTPI

One month in office: An update from RTPI president 2021

20 January 2021 was a special day for inaugurations! On that day, the RTPI president for 2020 Sue Manns handed over the chain of office to me. I was honoured to be inaugurated as the 107th president of the RTPI.

by RTPI president Dr Wei Yang FRTPI