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RTPI blog round-up: Six things I learnt at the planning convention

Words: Laura Edgar

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 3 June-7 July, 2017

Six things I learnt at the planning convention

The RTPI Planning Convention programme presented an impressive choice of sessions, all linked to the theme ‘Delivering a Strong and Inclusive Future’.

At first glance, I looked at the title "Smart vs Sustainable - is it a choice?" and thought that the scientific aspects wouldn’t apply to my main interests which are resident participation and neighbourhood planning. But how wrong can you be?! The whole room was captivated when Professor Peter Head CBE introduced the resilience.io programme that is currently being developed…

By Annabel Le Lohé, planning technician at WYG. She is currently studying for her MSc in spatial planning at Oxford Brookes University

Brexit: A year on, where are we?

As the UK marks the first anniversary of the referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU, where are we now? While the focus remains on three fundamental issues – the UK’s bill for existing commitments on leaving the EU, citizenship for EU citizens including those from the UK, and thirdly the Good Friday Agreement for Northern Ireland – when will there be any discussions on issues that affect planning?…

By Janice Morphet, visiting professor, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

Why I’m excited to start at the RTPI

We live in turbulent, divisive times. The lack of affordable housing is one of the biggest problems facing society and it is taking its toll on families, careers and individual lives every day as people struggle to put down roots, not to mention enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

I want to help find solutions to this crisis. That’s why I joined the RTPI this month to work on housing policy…

By Tom Kenny, policy officer, RTPI

If ever there was a time for a strong planning profession, this is it

Whatever the current political instability – or indeed because of it – now is the time for a stronger planning profession to help solve the country’s problems.

Whether it’s the crisis in housing affordability, widening inequalities between regions, increasing air pollution, or the incontrovertible threat of climate change, it’s increasingly clear that we need a much stronger and more coordinated set of responses to the challenges we face…

By Dr Michael Harris, deputy head of policy and research, RTPI

Political uncertainty requires a new approach to tackling the housing crisis

Many commentators have used the word “uncertainty” to describe the fallout from the general election. True, the immediate future of the Housing White Paper is less clear and we do not know much yet about how the new planning and housing minister intends to drive forward the momemtum to solve the housing crisis…

By Dr Michael Harris, deputy head of policy and research, RTPI

Making space for water: how New Zealand is building resilience to storm floods

Cyclone Cook, ex-Cyclone Debbie, the Tasman Tempest, the Hawkes Bay fires, and the Port Hill fires – these are just some of the extreme weather events that you might have heard of in the media that New Zealand had to contend with in early 2017.

For many people across NZ they have been devastating – real life events causing flooding, land slips, power outages, fallen trees, blocked roads, storm surges, coastal inundation and sink holes…

By Isobel Bruun-Kiaer is the 2016/2017 RTPI George Pepler International Award recipient

Paragraph 49 saga - a shot across the bow of the plan-led system?

The widely reported Supreme Court’s ruling on the application of paragraph 49 of the NPPF, the first time the NPPF has been debated in the UK’s highest court of appeal, has multiple implications […]

For applicants and developers, the response is mixed, but all seem happy that an element of uncertainty that has plagued the system since the NPPF was adopted has been reduced…

By Harry Burchill, planning policy officer, RTPI