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RTPI blog round-up: Life at the sharpest edge of Brexit

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 2 March-5 April, 2019

Life at the sharpest edge of Brexit

On 27th March 2019, two days ahead of what was intended to be ‘Brexit Day’, I visited the border region of Northern Ireland at Derry/Londonderry and met with a group of informed people, including representatives of Manufacturing Northern Ireland, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and planning officers and consultants to discuss Brexit...

By Ian Tant, president of the RTPI.

Developing new towns the Chinese way

In China, new town development emerged as a key urban development strategy at the beginning of the 21st century, particularly in mega-cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. They are large in scale, comprehensively planned in land use profile and urban functions, and showed city governments’ great enthusiasm to create distinctive and attractive urban landscapes to enhance local competitiveness...

By Professor Rebecca Chu, head of department of urban planning and design at the University of Hong Kong and Jie Li, former research associate at King's College London.

Life at the top table - a day as a chief planner

I was delighted to have been offered the opportunity to spend the day shadowing Paul Seddon, Nottingham City Council’s Director of Planning and Regeneration in February.

The day started with a 1:2:1 with Paul where I gained valuable insight into his role and his department’s. This was followed by a directors’ appraisal group meeting which focused on management issues such as staff development. Although it was not planning related, it was interesting and, refreshing to see how much the directors valued their teams and wanted to develop their staff to be the best that they could be...

By Victoria Vernon, trainee planner at Sport England.

The value of RTPI at MIPIM

At every turn in MIPIM, planning is the key topic of conversation - the benefits of planning, the problems of planning, the complexities of planning.

It was with this in mind (and with the pleas of RTPI Members who were already out there) that the Chief Executive, Victoria Hills, and I took the decision that the Institute should go to MIPIM this year - to ensure our place in discussions with the public and private sector attendees and to take an international stage when we could...

By Ian Tant, president of the RTPI.

Women in planning – perspectives from Westminster

Fifteen years after the publication of Clara Greed’s seminal work on gender equality and placemaking and the RTPI’s mainstreaming toolkit, what’s the state of affairs regarding women in the planning profession and women’s ability to shape top planning policies?...

By Professor Aude Bicquelet-Lock, deputy head of policy and research at the  and visiting professor at the University of the West of England.

Making the built environment better for everyone

A built environment that is good for women is good for everyone. This is most evident when looking at personal safety.

It is a well-known fact that basic safety is a top concern for women in public spaces and places across the world. A French study in 2014 revealed that one in four women experienced fear in public spaces. Women’s fear of going out after dark means that in Northern Europe many do not leave the house after 5pm.

By Sue Manns FRTPI, vice president of the RTPI.