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RTPI blog round-up: Influencing the Scottish Planning Bill

Words: Laura Edgar

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 9 June-6 July, 2018

Influencing the Scottish Planning Bill

The Planning (Scotland) Bill is currently being considered by the Scottish Parliament. We are about to move on to stage 2 when the bill will be considered line by line and where the government and MSPs can table amendments to it.

RTPI Scotland has identified four priority amendments which we are seeking support on from the government and/or MSPs…

By Craig McLaren, director, and Kate Houghton, policy and practice officer, at RTPI Scotland.

Sustainable development needs an integrated urban approach

Urbanisation is one of the mega-trends facing the world. As the majority of the world’s population now resides in urban areas, poverty and inequality have increasingly become urban issues. It is therefore vital that national-level development strategies and approaches have an urban dimension.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aims to eradicate poverty across the board and promote the comprehensive development of the countries where it operates, but with the ever-increasing rate of urbanisation, especially in Asia and Africa, its work on urban issues has assumed an ever more important role…

By Jihoon Lee, urban analyst, Taimur Khilji, economist and urban lead, and Asami Okahashi, urban development specialist, all at the United Nations Development Programme.

Air quality – moving up the local agenda? 

In January 2017, I was walking with my then nine-year old daughter to school on a route that takes us over the North Circular in London, when she commented that the air smelt funny.

I explained to her what exhaust fumes and pollution are and the effect on her asthma. She became infuriated when the infrequent bus service was further delayed by the long lines of car traffic with people taking their children to school and questioned why they need to do that.

This was during the period when London breached its annual air pollution limits in just five days…

Bu Sarah Lewis, planning practice officer at the RTPI.

The power of evidence in the planning system

Much of planners’ time is spent collecting evidence for plan-making and considering evidence that has been submitted in regulatory contexts. But planning is about considering the future – the future trajectory of an area, the future impacts of a development – and this inevitably brings uncertainty in. How does the planning system handle evidence in situations of uncertainty?

By Yvonne Rydin, professor of planning, environment and public policy at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London.