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RTPI blog round-up: Habitat III and housing national policies in Ecuador

Words: Laura Edgar
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A round-up of RTPI blogs: 5 November-16 December, 2016

Habitat III and housing national policies in Ecuador

The celebration of Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, and the strong participation of the country in all the preparatory process, have awakened a discussion on urban issues that was long overdue.

By José Morales, director for Habitat and Human Settlements in the Ecuadorian Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

A day in the life of planning enforcement

What does a day in planning enforcement look like? A pertinent question for me, the network manager of NAPE, the National Association of Planning Enforcement. In order to follow through my quest in providing a relevant and interesting service for our enforcement officers and members of the network, I took the opportunity to shadow a team in Scotland.

By Katherine Pollard, policy and networks adviser, RTPI

8 reasons to enter the RTPI Awards for Planning Excellence

“Winning an award from an organisation with the status and reputation of the RTPI represents a highly valuable validation of the project’s quality and the hard work of the team that delivered it.”

This is from a RTPI Award for Planning Excellence winner. You could be a winner too. Here are eight reasons why you should enter:

By Josh Rule, communications and public affairs officer at the RTPI

Infrastructure: where policies collide

After a series of events recently, the realisation dawned on me that many emotive debates are grounded in concerns about infrastructure: responding to a question at the CIH Eastern conference about so-called 'NIMBYs' blocking housing development; listening to a debate on immigration on the Moral Maze; and being asked about the accuracy of CPRE’s claim that there is enough brownfield land to build one million plus homes in England.

By Joseph Kilroy, policy officer, RTPI

Trying to make sense of housing policy in England

Since July 2007, when the last housing white paper was published, we have had a succession of major and minor changes of policy, new initiatives, abandoned initiatives, new funds, abandoned sources of funding, prospectuses, calls for expressions of interest, official reports, evaluations and much more.

By Kelvin MacDonald, senior visiting fellow in the Department of Land Economy at University of Cambridge

Tana River Delta – a new approach to development in Kenya

Tana River Delta is of one of the most important wetlands in Africa and has recognised global biodiversity significance as an Important Bird Area, a Key Biodiversity Area, and a Ramsar site. With rapid development currently taking place in Kenya, there is the danger that in sites such as the Tana River Delta, the needs of local people and the rich wildlife of The Delta will be overlooked in the quest for economic growth.

By Bruce Liggit, senior international casework officer at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds