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RTPI blog round-up: Gauging corruption and integrity in planning systems of South Africa and Zambia

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 2 April-7 May, 2021

Gauging corruption and integrity in planning systems of South Africa and Zambia

With the ever-increasing rise and importance of cities globally, the planning profession plays a critical role in ensuring that urban environments meet the needs of a majority of the world’s inhabitants. Yet the same wealth and economic opportunities created by cities can also invite opportunistic behaviour and corruption into the urban development process, placing planners in the midst of decisions with high economic stakes and exposing them to pressure or temptation to act illicitly in furtherance of private gain...

By Christian Alexander, researcher for the Cities of Integrity Project at the African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town, with Laura Nkula, lecturer and researcher at the African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town, and Vanessa Watson, emeritus professor of city planning in the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics and a founder of the African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town.

RTPI President Wei Yang: The first 100 days in office

The planning profession gathered last month to celebrate the RTPI Awards for Planning Excellence 2021. Many congratulations from the RTPI presidential team to all the winners and commended entries.

I am particularly delighted that we were able to celebrate the planning heroes of the pandemic in the 2021 Awards. Over the extraordinary time of the past year, our profession has demonstrated more than ever that planning and qualified planners are essential to deliver the place-based solutions to so many of the issues we are facing today...

By RTPI President Wei Yang FRTPI

What can town planners do for our Mother Earth?

The Mother Earth has given us so much, now she is unwell, so what can we do for her?

The theme of #EarthDay2021 is “Restore Our Earth”, with up to one billion people taking actions to protect the planet. People are urged to focus not only on how we can reduce our impact on the planet but also on how we might actively repair ecosystems...

By RTPI President Wei Yang FRTPI

The 20-minute neighbourhood: Questioning planning's emerging paradigm

One of the great things about teaching planning and training future planners is that we are constantly researching emerging themes and exploring how they relate to the planning system. One such concept is the 20-minute neighbourhood which was pioneered in Paris and has been adopted in many cities and countries around the world including Melbourne, Scotland, China, and Ipswich (Stanley and Hansen, 2020). It is a concept that has resonated with many of us as we have been confined to our neighbourhoods for much of the past year, with a total of 164 days of ‘stay at home’ edicts since 23 March 2020...

By Charles Goode, teaching fellow in planning and geography at the University of Birmingham

CHANGE - one year on! How the RTPI is tackling inequality

The recent release by the government of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (CRED) report, which suggested that there is no evidence that institutional racism exists in the UK, prompted an angry outcry from many campaigners and opposition politicians.

The government responded saying it had been misrepresented and highlighted that the report had categorically stated that it takes the reality of racism seriously and does not deny that it is a real force in the UK...

By Victoria Hills, chief executive of the RTPI

Why planning should be more neurodiverse

The mounting social, environmental, and economic issues facing communities throughout the country have accentuated the need for planners to remain proactive and adaptable. As priorities continue to shift at a rapid pace so, too, should the thinking and solutions applied to them. Tackling issues as complex as those faced today requires a variety of relevant insights. There have long been calls for new initiatives to attract a broader range of entrants to the planning profession. However, neurodivergent individuals remain a relatively untapped pool of talent within the profession...

By Layla Vidal-Martin MRTPI, planning manager at Vistry Partnerships