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RTPI blog round-up: Frances Summers - Inspiring the next generation of planners

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 6 November-3 December, 2021

Frances Summers: Inspiring the next generation of planners

When I was young, I wanted to become an English teacher. I worked in schools while my children were toddlers and taught in after school clubs and assisted small groups of students. After completing a distance learning degree, I got accepted into a PGDE programme at Edinburgh University...

By Frances Summers, senior planning policy officer, economic growth and infrastructure at Dorset Council

Planners are the conduit to sustainable human settlements

After 21 months of being nestled at home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, I faced my Covid-19 travel fears, booked a flight, and made the trip to Scotland. COP26 wasn’t my only motivation for the trip. It was a means to an end...

By Kelley D. Moore, MA, RPP, FCIP is secretary-general & trustee at the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP)

Reflections from COP26 (Part 3)

A short train ride from COP 26 in Glasgow to the V&A at Dundee was an opportunity to attend the Design Council - Design for Planet Festival attended by an invited group of designers and thought leaders. An important theme that emerged from an early session on the second day was the need for systems change in terms of how products, projects and services are designed...

By Timothy Crawshaw MRTPI, RTPI vice president and international planning and development consultant

Reflections from COP26 (Part 2)

COP26 is mainly focussed on the existential threat of climate change and this looms large and was the main thrust of the conference. However, from both a campaigning and core issues standpoint health and wellbeing is a constant recurring theme...

By Timothy Crawshaw MRTPI, RTPI vice president and international planning and development consultant

Levelling up through local collaboration

When we were in the EU, there was a phrase going round which always used to confuse me. This was “territorial cohesion”. To me this seemed to mean something like “stopping continental drift”, which I think would be an overreach even for the powerful European Commission...

By Richard Blyth, head of policy, practice and research at the RTPI

Reflections from COP26 (Part 1)

If there was ever a COP that cemented the role of business and finance, this was it. If the previous COPs in my memory have been about governments aligning on the extent of the crisis and seeking to catalyse private sector finance to assist in the meeting of targets, this COP felt like more of a trade fair...

By Timothy Crawshaw MRTPI, RTPI vice president and international planning and development consultant

Planning, leadership and apples

In late September 2021, I was given a fantastic opportunity to experience the working world of Stephen Kelly, Joint Director of Planning and Economic Development at Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service.

By Charlotte Carlin MRTPI, infrastructure planning officer at Cumbria County Council

Fresh learning for 2022

I had a maths teacher at school who very kindly said to me, “You'll never be good at maths, but we can make you better.”  I remember those words because they were both a statement of fact and reassurance in equal measure...

By Andrew Whibley, CPD manager at the RTPI

COP26 has created a huge sense of purpose

COP26 has generated a huge sense of purpose and a cohesive sense of direction. Coming to the conference in its second week, after all the national media coverage showing world leaders, former presidents and influential celebrities making their pledges was inspiring and hugely exciting. It was in that context and with that background that I moved through the Green Zone events at COP26...

By Bernadette Hillman, partner and head of planning at Sharpe Pritchard

How planners can actively deliver net zero

It’s a great privilege to be here in Glasgow for COP26. The “conference of the parties” had always seemed an event that happened far away and to famous people...

By Richard Blyth, head of policy, practice and research at the RTPI

A 20-minute future

20-minute neighbourhoods are a planning concept for urban growth that has gained significant traction across the world in recent times. It’s been catalysed by Covid-19 restrictions which have limited many populations to their locality.

By Robbie Calvert, policy, practice and research officer at RTPI Scotland

Presidential visit – East of England

On 11th October, I was delighted to visit Letchworth Garden City and Welwyn Garden City for my East of England presidential visit with RTPI chief executive Victoria Hills. It was certainly one of the most memorable days in my presidential year...

By Wei Yang FRTPI, president of the RTPI

Standing up for the 80 per cent

The theme today at the COP26 summit is gender and the meaningful participation of women and girls on climate action. With 80 per cent of people displaced by climate change being women and children this is a topic close to our hearts.

By RTPI Scotland

Climate ready Ken

In 2020, Loch Ken in Dumfries & Galloway was chosen as one of two ‘localities’ to receive support from Adaptation Scotland, aiming to provide more resilient communities in the face of climate change. This led to the innovative ‘Climate Ready Ken’ project which is currently underway in partnership with the Loch Ken Trust...

By McNabb Laurie, Galloway Glens team leader

The future is ours

As an ‘old’ early careers professional I have had the benefit of watching society’s understanding of climate change and sustainability grow and evolve over the last 30 years. What is abundantly clear is that early career professionals often come into the workplace armed with a much greater understanding of the impact of development on our environment than those who undertook their formative education before a full understanding of the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss was readily available...

By Simon Kennedy is strategic environmental planning officer for the partnership for South Hampshire