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RTPI blog round-up: Enabling healthy placemaking

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 10 August-6 September, 2019

Enabling healthy placemaking

The links between town planning and the promotion of good health have long been established. In fact, as recently noted by Hugh Barton, planning and public health are ‘siblings’ - both emerged in the late nineteenth century in reaction to the unsanitary, overcrowded and inhumane conditions of industrial cities...

By Aude Bicquelet-Lock, deputy head of policy and research at the RTPI

Restructuring UN-Habitat and the inaugural UN-Habitat Assembly

In this unprecedented era of rapid urbanisation, the prevailing urban-rural challenges in the 21st century transcend all geo-political zones. Unplanned urbanisation can lead to severe consequences such as increased crime, inequality, environmental pollution, vulnerability to disaster and inadequate basic shelter...

By Olafiyin Taiwo, planner with the London Borough of Ealing

Our national parks at 70 

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the national parks and Access to the Countryside Act and, indeed, in my first six months as RTPI president, I’ve been visiting a number of our national parks. A few things have struck me which I’d like to share here, some of which are echoed in the interim report of the government’s Glover Review of protected landscapes...

By Ian Tant, president of the RTPI

Conference review: AESOP Annual Congress 2019

Attending the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) conference four years ago on the theme 'Definite space - Fuzzy responsibility', the RTPI’s former deputy head of research Dr Mike Harris commented that it was ‘fuzzy’ not only in name, but also in nature. Faithful to this tradition, this year’s AESOP conference, held last month at IUAV in Venice and attended by myself, Dr Daniel Slade (research officer) and Dr Michele Vianello (international officer), was titled 'Planning for Transition'...

By Andrea Pandolfo, research assistant at the RTPI

Must good, affordable housing depend on altruistic landowners?

Our current mainstream development model squeezes out design value to maximise returns for landowners. Must we rely on the charity of landowners to achieve good design, or should we look elsewhere for solutions?...

By Tom Kenny, policy officer at the RTPI

Planners must be part of senior council leadership teams

The impacts of austerity on local authority services have made stark headlines in the media and are felt by many of us. Social care, library services, rubbish removal, leisure amenities and other front-line services come to mind.

But the impact on local planning, which has borne the brunt of these cuts in many areas, is less well known but no less devastating to society...

By Victoria Hills, chief executive of the RTPI