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RTPI blog round-up: Africa – where planning leads the way with SDG goals

Words: RTPI

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 17 November-21 December, 2018

Africa – where planning leads the way with SDG goals

Two things strike you as a visitor to Cape Town: the incredible natural beauty in which the city is set, and its vibrant multicultural character.  These aspects made Cape Town a worthy location to play host to planners from all over Africa who attended the national planning conference Planning Africa 2018 held from 14 – 17 October...

By Peter Geraghty FRTPI, head of planning and transport at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

Northern Ireland sees collaboration amid political uncertainty

RTPI NI has produced a paper looking at whether the changes made to the planning system since the reform of local government in April 2015, which transferred  planning powers from central government to the newly formed local councils, are resulting in more effective planning...

By Claire Williamson MRTPI, Northern Ireland policy officer at the RTPI.

The future of environmental planning

The planning system currently has relatively little influence over environmental issues related to land, for example landscape damage, soil quality, biodiversity loss, or greenhouse gas emissions. With Brexit and a new Environment Bill on the horizon, it is time to take another look at environmental management through the planning system...

By Tom Kenny, policy officer at the RTPI.

Can Wales make the shift to integrate well-being and planning?

Welsh Government has delivered an early Christmas present by publishing Edition 10 of Planning Policy Wales (PPW), the country’s national land use planning policy.

PPW was first published in 2002 and followed a format that proved popular from the start. Users are accustomed to the familiarity of its pages, even after various updates and reviews over the course of 16 years. So, will the latest edition – published today – be as loved?...

By Roisin Willmott OBE FRTPI, director of RTPI Cymru and Northern Ireland.

How we are influencing the Scottish planning bill

In July I blogged on the ambitions that RTPI Scotland had on the Planning (Scotland) Bill. At that time the Bill was about to be considered in the Scottish Parliament with its Local Government and Communities Committee scrutinising it line by line and considering proposed amendments made to it...

By Craig McLaren, director of RTPI Scotland and Ireland.

Is it time for traffic removal?

Inner London presents an extreme case of urban intensification and traffic challenges. Its population has increased by over a half since 1981 while London as a whole by over a third.

By 2041, this is forecast to increase by another quarter, with no significant increase in road capacity. This means that Londoners in 2041 will not be able to travel in the same ways as Londoners do today - there simply isn’t the room...

By Dr Steve Melia, senior lecturer in transport and planning at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Planners as inspirational leaders: three suggestions

At the UK and Ireland Planning Research Conference, that took place on 3-5 September, Corinne Swain, Arup Fellow, argued, in her excellent opening speech, that government policies are ‘driving planning into a regulatory black hole’, and that ‘we need more confident planners in a better resourced public service’. This need for developing a more confident, outgoing approach to planning was further explored in a roundtable at the conference...

By Robin Hambleton, emeritus professor of city leadership, University of the West of England, Bristol and director of Urban Answers.