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RTPI blog round-up: A Scottish perspective on community participation in planning and other issues

Words: Laura Edgar

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 9 September-6 October, 2017

Habitat for all: secure land tenure and property rights matter

In a world characterised by globalisation, urbanisation, migration and climate change, accessing affordable and secure land reasonably close to work and social amenities is increasingly difficult in the affluent West, not just the urbanising South. For vulnerable groups, such as the poor, women and minority groups, the challenge is particularly daunting…

By Geoffrey Payne, international housing and urban development consultant focusing on developing countries

A Scottish perspective on community participation in planning and other issues

While rooted in English case law and policy, the Joint Planning and Law Conference in Oxford recently had plenty for me to take away and ruminate on in the context of the Scottish system. The latter is currently undergoing a major review, with a planning bill due to be published before the year is out…

By Kate Houghton, policy and practice officer, RTPI Scotland

Conservation and planning need to build on shared values 

In 2017 we're facing a chronic undersupply of housing. It's the same problem we faced 70 years ago, albeit this time caused by a financial 'crisis' rather than a war.

The response in 1947 was a package of legislative and budgetary measures to unlock land for development. This allowed the government to establish a development charge to capture the increase in value that arises when permission to develop land is granted. It also enabled the state to build more…

By Harry Burchill, planning policy office, RTPI

Planning can and must be allowed to deliver 

Whilst ‘planning’ is perceived to be responsible for many of our current ills, as a starting point I do think it is important for us all to remember the positives that proactive, good planning can readily bring to the table.

To me positive planning is all about how we can seek to utilise the planning process in order to help to make our communities better places. Every community, all across the country, have their share of local issues, but it is a fact that appropriate proactive and flexible planning responses can normally offer solutions…

By Steve Ingram, president of the Planning Officers Society and strategic director - development & growth, South Kesteven District Council