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RTPI blog round-up: A new tool to protect and make better use of natural capital

Words: Laura Edgar

A round-up of RTPI blogs: 7 April-4 May, 2018

A new tool to protect and make better use of natural capital

A free tool has just been launched to enable planners and developers to effectively implement this commitment and bring about tangible benefits to society.

The Natural Capital Planning Tool (NCPT) is a site assessment tool developed specifically for the planning context. It allows the indicative but systematic assessment of the likely impact of proposed plans and developments on Natural Capital and the ecosystem services it provides to people such as recreational opportunities, air quality regulation and climate regulation…

By Oliver Hölzinger, developer of the Natural Capital Planning Tool (NCPT), part-time research fellow and PhD researcher at the School for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham.

What are Ireland's best places?

Ireland contains some of the most attractive and inspiring places in the world - from the mountains and glens of the highlands to small villages peppered across the country and our great cities containing vibrant cultural quarters and stunning neighbourhoods.  

RTPI Ireland wants to show how planners work to improve the quality of life in our cities, towns and villages across the world. We want to reflect on the achievements of the planning profession and to share these successes with the Irish people...

By Marion Chalmers, chair of RTPI Ireland.

Planners are key players in this urban century

Planning is now identified by the United Nations as a key means to deliver prosperity for all and sustainable places in this “urban century”.

The wider context, of course, is the scale and pace of urbanisation, and the recognition that so many of the world’s concerns such as climate change or poverty alleviation depend on making cities better.

What is new is the recognition that unplanned urbanisation has failed and widening urban inequalities are a threat to future security, and so urban and territorial planning not only has to be central to these 21st century issues, but also must be refocused...

By Cliff Hague, past president of the RTPI and of the Commonwealth Association of Planners and Christine Platt, immediate past president of the Commonwealth Association of Planners.

Clause 11 and all that

The EU Withdrawal Bill ends its passage through the House of Lords this week with the Report stage. There’s lots of talk about constitutional stuff at the moment – not just separating the UK constitution from that of the EU, but also about the nature of democracy itself – and (as I show below) about the nature of the United Kingdom.  As such, the role of an unelected chamber may come in for even more scrutiny than ever...

By Richard Blyth, head of policy at the RTPI