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RTPI accredits town-planning course in Hong Kong

Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has been accredited by the RTPI for its town planning undergraduate programme.

The RTPI accreditation board praised the scope and quality of the programme and the strong focus it had on interdisciplinary teaching.

Mee Kam Ng, CUHK’s director of the programme, said: “The accreditation by the RTPI means a great deal to our students, confirming their academic standards and allowing them to have broader choices of post-graduate studies as they aspire to become chartered members of the RTPI.”

Gaining the RTPI-accredited degree is the first step towards becoming a chartered town planner. There are currently 25 RTPI-accredited schools in the UK and six around the world.

Trudi Elliott, RTPI chief executive, said: “I wish to congratulate CUHK on their accredited status. It is one of the institute’s core aims to help educate the next generation of town planners and nurture in them a shared set of principles and values when tackling the common challenges facing the world today.”

Those who have completed a fully accredited RTPI pathway can join the RTPI as a licentiate member and apply to become a chartered member.

Image credit | Chinese University of Hong Kong