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Rise in Right to Buy homes sold in Q2

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The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has estimated that 2,531 homes were sold under Right to Buy from the beginning of July 2019 to the end of September 2019.

This is an increase of 4 per cent compared with the same quarter in 2018/19, according to the statistics.

In the second quarter of 2019/20 local authorities received £215.7 million from Right to Buy sales. This is 5 per cent more than the £206.4 million they received in the same quarter of 2018/19. The average receipt per dwelling sold in Q2 was £85,200.

Under the Right to Buy replacement policy, there were 1,394 dwellings started on site or acquired during the second quarter of 2018/19, which is 11 per cent higher than the number of dwellings started or acquired in the same quarter of 2018/19.

Right to Buy Sales in England: July to September 2019 can be found on the UK Government website (pdf).

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