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Rise in energy storage projects, research suggests

Words: Laura Edgar
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The number of planning applications for battery storage projects in the UK continues to increase ‘rapidly’, according to recent research.

RenewableUK explained that its latest Project Intelligence report shows that the total cumulative capacity of battery storage planning applications has soared from nearly 6,900 megawatt hours (MWh) a year ago to over 10,500MWh today.

This is enough to fully charge over a million electric vehicles.

It notes that the market has developed "extremely rapidly". In 2012, applications stood at just 2MW. In the last 12 months, the number of UK companies involved in the sector has grown from 300 to more than 450, while the average battery project size has increased from 27MW to 28MW.

RenewableUK said the pipeline of storage projects is expected to continue growing, with an increasing number of grid-scale battery projects of over 50MWs also expected, after the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy agreed earlier this year to change planning rules.

RenewableUK’s director of future electricity systems, Barnaby Wharton, said: “As we build the net-zero energy system of the future based on renewables, we’re changing the way we manage the entire network, using a wide variety of extraordinarily innovative storage technologies. The pace of change in the industry is hugely exciting.

“Energy storage has reached a tipping point with major companies entering this new market, providing new services to guarantee the security our energy supplies and maximising the amount of power available, providing massive benefits to consumers”.

More information on the Project Intelligence series can be found on the RenewableUK website.

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