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Revised NI housing land monitoring report published

Words: Roger Milne
NI housing land

The Northern Ireland Planning Service has published a revised version of its 2013 Housing Land Availability monitoring report.

The revisions were needed because of inaccuracies identified in the data used to prepare the original report.
The majority of the amendments relate to Down District, and any subsequent changes to Northern Ireland figures have been made accordingly.
The report covers all settlements as defined in prevailing development plans but excludes dwellings in the open countryside. It identifies the number of dwelling units completed and the area of land developed, and assesses the available potential of land and dwellings that remains undeveloped on monitored sites within settlements in all council areas. Flats are included in the housing monitor as dwellings.
The monitor sites are those identified as potentially suitable for residential development in prevailing development plans through zonings and any other urban sites that have been granted planning permission for residential development by means of a planning application.
The figures for total housing completions in the report show graphically how the economic downturn since 2006/2007 has dented the position.
Last year the total number of completions was 12,324. The following year it fell to 8,708 before bottoming out in 2011\2012 at just 2,372 units. Last year the relevant figure had climbed up to 3,043, a quarter of the level reached seven years ago.