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Revised masterplan envisages extra homes for Ealing estate

Words: Huw Morris

More than 850 extra homes will be built at an Ealing development following the adoption of a masterplan for the site.

The original Acton Gardens masterplan from 2012 called for 2,350 homes to be built in 11 phases over 15 years.

Reflecting changes in planning policy, each of the more recent phases has been amended to deliver more homes than originally planned. 

The London Borough of Ealing has now decided to put together a reworked masterplan covering all of the remaining phases rather than continue to deviate from the 2012 masterplan.

This includes an increase of more than 850 homes on the original masterplan, making the total number of new homes at the site just over 3,800. Overall, there will be twice as many homes at the estate than before the regeneration programme started.

A total of 40 per cent of the homes will be let at social rent levels, with two-thirds of them family-sized, replacing the one-bed homes that dominated the old South Acton estate.

Under the revised masterplan, all tenants and leaseholders will be rehoused by autumn 2025, with construction completed by November 2028. Acton Gardens will provide a quarter of all new homes to be built in the borough up to 2022. 

Image credit | Levitt Bernstein