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Revised historic environment planning guidance consultation starts in Wales

Words: Roger Milne
Conwy Castle

The Welsh Government has begun consultations on proposed changes to Planning Policy Wales Chapter 6: The Historic Environment.

These changes are designed to ensure that national planning policy fully meets the administration’s objectives for a well-protected and accessible historic environment that contributes to quality of life and place.

Ministers also want to be sure that the policy takes account of a suite of recent legislation and guidance that has been – or is in the process of being – prepared for the protection and sustainable management of the Welsh historic environment.

The revised chapter reflects how the historic environment contributes to the Welsh Government’s seven wellbeing goals for a sustainable Wales as set out in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

The section stresses that protecting ‘the Outstanding Universal Value of World Heritage Sites’ may be best delivered through consistent planning policies supported by supplementary planning guidance.

There is also a new section on enabling development that recognises that such development can sometimes deliver substantial heritage benefit.

The consultation document can be found here.

Image credit | Shuttershock