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Review of housing delivery and planning unveiled in Wales

Words: Roger Milne
Housing delivery / Shutterstock_6835834

The Welsh Government is set to undertake a wide-ranging review of the delivery of housing through the planning system.

This will look at the interrelationships between the local development plan process, the measuring of housing land supply and the actions to be taken to address any shortfall in a systematic way. A call for evidence will be announced shortly.

This initiative has been kick-started by a proposal to disapply a paragraph from Technical Advice Note 1. This covers joint housing land availability studies.

The proposal removes the reference to attaching “considerable” weight to the lack of a five-year housing land supply as a material consideration in determining planning applications for housing.

The administration is concerned that this is helping to fuel speculative planning applications for housing schemes.

Monitoring of housing land supply has highlighted a shortage of deliverable land, with most planning authorities unable to demonstrate a five-year housing land supply.

The administration is proposing that the disapplication of paragraph 6.2 of TAN1 would last for the duration of the review, scheduled for this summer.

The consultation can be found on the Welsh Government website.

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