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Research project launched to probe low-cost and low-carbon housing

Words: Huw Morris
low carbon homes

AECOM is spearheading a government research project to help developers deliver low-cost and low-carbon housing.

The consultancy will examine the drivers, attitudes, barriers and challenges to low-cost and low-carbon housing, focusing on the “pull and push” factors for developers.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy project aims to increase the numbers of such homes to meet targets within the Clean Growth Strategy and reduce energy use and bills for residents.

The AECOM-led team will review designs and observe construction activities at selected low-carbon developments, and assess the performance of sample homes, while identifying the views of funders, developers, design teams, contractors and site-based staff. 

The project will also sample residents’ attitudes and expectations before they move in to the developments, then gain feedback once they have lived in their new homes. 

Image credit / Shutterstock