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Research into social and economic impact of design launched

Words: Laura Edgar
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The Design Council has launched a research programme into the current and future social, environmental and economic impact of design in the UK.

Design Economy 2021 aims to provide a comprehensive assessment to date of the value of design.

A three-year programme split across four phases, it will explore the value of design and the role that design can play in building back better and creating a more just, healthy and regenerative world. It will be hosted on an interactive digital platform.

Design Economy 2021 is intended to be a growing resource for policymakers, business leaders, public sector professionals, architects and designers.

It will explore a range of topics, including:

  • The social and environmental value of design.
  • The economic value of design.
  • Business understanding and use of design.
  • Public sector understanding and use of design.
  • Public understanding of design.
  • Regional variations in the use of design.
  • How the design economy might evolve and change over time.

Design Economy 2021 will also focus on equality, diversity and inclusion and its vital role in levelling up the UK’s regional economies.

Design Council explained that it would use the digital platform to curate new data, evidence, stories and toolkits to champion design and further its use as the research programme progresses.

An interactive format will allow audiences to become co-researchers and collaborators in the study.

Minnie Moll, chief executive at Design Council, said: “At Design Council we know the positive impact that good design can bring – economically, socially and environmentally. As we build back better from Covid-19 and face the biggest issue of our era with the climate crisis, we need to redesign nearly every aspect of how we live our lives. Design Economy 2021 aims to capture as much of design’s holistic value as possible, involving people across the entire design economy as we go.”

More information can be found on the Design Economy website.

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