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Regulator cold-shoulders local employment policy for Tallaght local area plan

Words: Roger Milne
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The planning watchdog recommends that South Dublin County Council should drop a local area plan proposal that would compel developers of new building projects in Tallaght to use local construction workers.

The Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) has questioned whether this proposal is acceptable under current planning legislation.

It also argued that the proposed alteration to the draft Tallaght Town Centre Local Area Plan was “aspirational” and “contrary to accepted best practice that a planning authority should not include aspirational objectives on matters over which it has no vires”.

The council has introduced the “local employment clause” for developments in Tallaght because the unemployment rate in some parts of the town is 33 per cent, according to Central Statistics Office figures.

The regulator accepted there was merit in the proposed objective but stressed that any policies in the local area plan must have a “statutory basis”.

The proposed local employment clause “had no statutory basis under the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended,” insisted the regulator.

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