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Rare plants on verge of extinction win refuge


Roadside verges are now the last refuge of the UK’s rarest wild flowers and plants, according to conservationists.

Roadside green space is now a haven for wild plants that have disappeared from the countryside, according to Plantlife, one of Europe’s largest conservation charities. 

Some wild plants, such as wood calamint and fen ragwort, are now only found on road verges.

Around 700 species of wild plants and flowers are found on road verges, with around 12 per cent of them at risk of extinction. Almost 90 per cent of roadside plants provided nectar and pollen for dwindling bees, birds, butterflies and bats.

The charity said the plants can be brought back from the brink by careful conservation management, and warned that road verges had been “woefully disregarded for decades”.

Image: iStock