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Radar remedy clears way for major wind farm in Lanarkshire

Words: Roger Milne

Proposals for what will be one of the largest onshore wind farm developments in Scotland look set to climb off the drawing board now that Glasgow Airport has successfully trialled a new radar system to detect turbines at the site.

The new Scanter 4002 radar system will be operational by 2018, paving the way for the Kype Muir windfarm near Strathaven in South Lanarkshire.

The site will initially consist of 26 turbines, but is likely to increase to 41 turbines.

The airport has spent three years developing this technology in conjunction with the wind farm developer Banks Renewables, and NATS, an air traffic services provider.

The height and movement of wind turbines means they can be mistaken for aircraft by air traffic computers, leading controllers to divert planes around them unnecessarily.

They can also “mask” real aircraft – creating a potential hazard for planes travelling in the same airspace.

The Banks Group has obtained planning permission for the Kype Muir Extension scheme, which will see 15 new turbines being added to the 26-turbine development that is already consented for the site.

Image credit | Shutterstock