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Public transport surge hits the spot in Northern Ireland

Words: Roger Milne
Belfast bus

Latest figures indicate that public transport is enjoying a resurgence, with more than 84.5 million journeys made on Translink’s services last year – the highest number in over 20 years.

Translink is the public company that oversees bus, coach and train services in the province.

This surge represents an increase of 3.4 million from the previous year, removing an estimated 2.8 million car journeys from Northern Ireland's roads. Translink said this was the third year in a row there has been strong growth and it demonstrated the growing popularity of public transport.

The growth was across bus, coach and rail, with 30 million journeys made on Metro and Glider and 15.8 million by rail.

Translink chief executive Chris Conway said passenger journeys had been boosted by the recent launch of the Glider service in Belfast.

“Glider has transformed Belfast, reconnecting the east and west of the city and offering new opportunities that has led to over 45,000 additional passenger journeys every week.”

Image credit | Shutterstock