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PPW to be amended to stimulate housebuilding

Words: Laura Edgar
Julie James / National Assemby for Wales

Welsh housing and local government minister Julie James has launched a consultation on changing the housing delivery section of Planning Policy Wales (PPW).

In a written ministerial statement, James said the changes removed the five-year housing land supply policy. It would be replaced with a policy statement that makes it “explicit that the housing trajectory will be the basis for monitoring the delivery of development plan housing requirements as part of AMRs [annual monitoring reports]”.

James said she believes this approach would ensure that monitoring housing delivery is an “integral” part of the process of development plan monitoring and review.

In July 2018, then planning minister Lesley Griffiths launched a call for evidence that sought views on how to improve the delivery of housing requirements set out in local development plans and considered the measuring of housing land supply and its interrelationship with the monitoring of local development plans.

James said the evidence given highlighted that many adopted local development plans fail to deliver the number of new homes required. Sites allocated for these homes were either not being brought forward for development or were being developed at a slower rate than expected.

“Detailed analysis of the responses to the ‘call for evidence’ has confirmed that the current policy framework for ensuring housing delivery and the associated monitoring mechanism are not sufficiently aligned with the local development plan process.”

The proposed policy change would see the revocation of TAN 1, which currently provides the methodology for calculating the five-year housing land supply, while amendments to the development plans manual would provide additional guidance on the process of monitoring against the housing trajectory.

The ministerial statement can be read in full on the Welsh Government website.

Image credit | National Assembly for Wales