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Poll reveals public dislike for bus and bike

Words: Huw Morris
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Britons would much rather travel by car than take public transport and have a very negative view of cycling, according to a survey of public attitudes.

As governments around the world try to encourage people to use healthier ways of travel to cut congestion and pollution, a YouGov poll shows that 81 per cent have a positive view of being a car passenger and 73 per cent feel the same about driving themselves.

This compares with 67 per cent who have a favourable opinion of taking the train, falling to 47 per cent who like travelling by bus and 42 per cent by coach.

Cycling is at the bottom of the transport table – only 40 per cent have a positive view of riding and 49 per cent look unfavourably on this mode of travel. YouGov says the poll reveals cycling as the only form of transport where those who disliked it were more likely to have a “very unfavourable” view (29 per cent)  than a “somewhat unfavourable” one (20 per cent).

Despite attempts to boost cycling in the capital through ‘Boris Bikes’ and new cycle routes, Londoners are even less keen on travelling by bike than people elsewhere. Just 34 per cent like the idea of cycling to their destination, compared with 40 per cent of all Britons.

However, Londoners are substantially less keen on cars, with only 44 per cent having a favourable view of driving themselves while 63 per cent like taking the bus.

YouGov says people’s aversion to cycling is not down to laziness because of all transport options walking is seen most favourably. Some 84 per cent hold a positive view of putting one foot in front of the other and only 11 per cent of Brits have a negative view of taking ‘Shanks’s pony’.

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