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Poll reveals majority of public back 2030 zero carbon target

Words: Huw Morris
Carbon storage

A net zero carbon target of 20 years before the objective enshrined in law would be backed by a majority of the public, according to a poll.

YouGov found that 56 per cent of respondents support total decarbonisation of the UK economy by 2030. Nearly half of Conservative voters - 47 per cent - would back this target, compared with 16 per cent who support the zero emissions by 2050 set in legislation earlier this year.

Labour and the Green Party have both set 2030 as their zero carbon targets while the Liberal Democrats have pledged to do so by 2045.

The poll was commissioned by Green New Deal UK, a non-party-aligned campaign group.

Earlier this week, a survey for environmental lawyers Client Earth revealed 54 per cent of respondents said climate change will affect how they vote.

In the same poll nearly two-thirds - 63 per cent - said that politicians are not talking enough about climate change, with 70 per cent believing the climate emergency demands more urgent action.

Image credit | Shutterstock