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Planning toolkit to help LGBT+ community set to be unveiled

Words: Huw Morris

A toolkit for planners to shape policy and encourage best practice to meet the needs of the LGBT+ community is due to be unveiled later this week.

The move by Planning Out, a forum of LGBT+ planning professionals, aims to provide guidance and improve understanding of the various types of regulation to protect LGBT+ venues from acquisition or development, to hold an event or festival, to temporarily use a space for community purposes or “even fly rainbow flags”.

The toolkit builds on the findings of the UCL Urban Laboratory study of LGBTQ+ Cultural Infrastructure in London in 2017, which found that 58 per cent of LGBT+ clubs, bars and performance spaces in the capital had closed, dropping from 125 to 53.  

“We believe that LGBT+ venues and businesses provide a rich and diverse array of facilities and services, not just supporting the lives of the LGBT+ community, but enriching the overall fabric of our society,” said Planning Out committee member Yohanna Weber.

“The toolkit aims to ensure that LGBT+ spaces and places continue to form an important part of the social framework of our communities, facilitated by a planning system that seeks to be fully representative of the diversity of the community it serves.”

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