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Planning review panel calls for views on root and branch reform in Scotland

Words: Roger Milne
Holyrood / Shutterstock

Organisations and individuals across Scotland are being asked to submit views as part of a nationwide review of the planning system.

An independent panel has been established and tasked with bringing together ideas to achieve a quicker, more accessible and efficient planning process in Scotland.

Oral evidence will be by invitation only and the Scottish Government explained that the panel will give "careful consideration" to which parties to invite.  Invitations will be issued in late November.

The government added: "Given the focused timescale for the review, the panel is unlikely to be able to hear oral evidence from everyone with an interest in planning." The review panel is due to report back in spring 2016.

The panel will consider six key issues:

  • development planning;

  • housing delivery;

  • planning for infrastructure;

  • further improvements to development management;

  • leadership, resourcing and skills; and

  • community engagement

The detailed list of questions circulated this week makes it clear that little is off the agenda, including whether or not development plans are needed, should section 75 planning obligations be retained and would mediation help resolve current conflicts in the planning system.

Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil, said: “I would urge all organisations and individuals who are involved with the planning system in any way to get in touch and use this opportunity to help shape the future of the planning system in Scotland.”