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Planning Inspectorate Wales to transfer to new service next week

Words: Laura Edgar
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The Planning Inspectorate has announced that casework handled by Planning Inspectorate Wales will transfer to the new service on 1 October.

The staff will also transfer across to the new division, which will be called Planning and Environment Decisions Wales – Penderfyniadau Cynllunio ac Amgylchedd Cymru.

Existing cases will be transferred to a new casework processing system. This involves a pausing of accepting new Wales-based cases (appeals and other cases), which began on 16 September. Wales-based appeals and statements/evidence will not be able to be submitted via the Appeals Casework Portal (ACP), however, they can be submitted by email and post.

The team in Wales will work on existing cases until 29 September. After training on the new systems as part of the Welsh Government, the team will resume casework from 11 October, when Planning and Environment Decisions Wales will be fully operational.

The change of casework systems means that there will be a change to case reference numbers. Customers will be informed of a new number and where to see all the documentation at the earliest opportunity once the transfer has happened.

Developments of National Significance (DNS) cases will also transfer to the new service.

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) that include locations in Wales under the Planning Act 2008 will not be affected by the transfer. They will continue under the Planning Inspectorate (England).

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