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Planning application submissions continue to rise

Words: Laura Edgar
Submissions on the up / Shutterstock

Figures published by the Planning Portal show that there was a 29 per cent increase in submissions of planning applications in September 2020 compared with the same month a year earlier.

This continues the upward trend of recent months, after a downturn between March and May owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to this month’s Planning Market Insight Report, householder applications are up 46 per cent, with applications for larger schemes also on the increase.

Breaking it down, applications continued their upward trend in all regions of England and in Wales in September.

The strongest recovery can be seen in the north of England: applications in the North East are 53 per cent higher than September 2019, followed by the North West, where applications were up 37 per cent.

London and the South East region continue to be the lowest areas in terms of percentage growth, but were still a respectable 23 per cent and 25 per cent above last September’s numbers, explains the report. London and the South East constitute “by far the highest number of applications submitted nationally, between them totalling more than 22,000 submissions, around 40 per cent of the national total”.

Scott Alford, head of business development at the Planning Portal, said: “Another steep rise in householder applications when compared to last year indicates that people across England and Wales are keen to create larger living spaces or dedicated home offices in the wake of Covid-19, and has seen builders extremely busy. Even more positively, September also saw a 7 per cent rise in larger schemes, which is welcome news for the industry after the 18 per cent deficit we saw in August.”

The report can be found here (pdf).

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