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Planning and historic environment law set to be simplified

Words: Roger Milne
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The Welsh Government has launched a new programme to simplify planning and historic environment law, part of a long-term project to create Codes of Welsh law.

A consolidation bill will bring together provisions from the “multiple, heavily amended” planning acts that currently set out the main framework, said the government.

This move would enable people using the planning system in Wales to refer to a single, fully bilingual act containing all the relevant law.

A consolidation bill that will form a coherent body of historic environment law for Wales is also promised.

“Owners of scheduled monuments or listed buildings currently face a complex challenge in understanding the relevant legislation, which has provisions that apply differently in England, Scotland and Wales.

“The consolidation bill will result in clear, distinct and modernised legislation for Wales,” insisted the administration.

The programme will also increase the accessibility of law through digital solutions, promised Mick Antoniw, Counsel General and Minister for Constitution.

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