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Planning Advisory Service launches annual survey

Words: Laura Edgar

The Planning Advisory Service (PAS) has opened up its annual ‘state of the nation’ survey.

The survey, says PAS, seeks to find out how useful local planning authorities find the work that the service does, and how it can better help planners to do their job.

Alice Lester, programme manager at PAS, said: “We want to know if the work we do is any good, and how we can make it more relevant in the future. We only exist to help authorities so their input into our work is invaluable. We need authorities to help us to help them, so the more who respond to the survey the better.”

The survey is one element of a continuing evaluation of PAS services currently being carried out by planning consultancy Arup.

The wider evaluation considers individual services provided by PAS, including events, direct support to councils and councillor briefing sessions.

The survey, which is open to all local authority staff and councils involved in delivering the planning function, can be found here.