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Plan published to rebalance underinvestment in Northern transport

Words: Laura Edgar
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Draft proposals to rebalance decades of underinvestment in transport across the north of England have been published.

The measures include a £70 billion pipeline to better connect regions, cities, towns and villages. A short, medium and long-term plan of investment has been outlined.

The investment could create 85,000 jobs and contribute towards an additional £100 billion in economic growth for the North, explained Transport for the North (TfN).

Its Strategic Transport Plan (STP) and Investment Programme should make it easier to moves to, from and across the North. It also makes the case to increase spending by £50 per person on strategic transport each year to 2050.

Investing in transport, the STP states, can improve health and well-being, increase social mobility and inclusion, increase land values, and reduce transport costs. This would make areas of the North accessible for new housing, commercial and industrial developments, as well as strengthen businesses’ access to supply chains and the markets they serve.

Transport investments outlined in the plan include Northern Powerhouse Rail, a major road network, and strategic development corridors.

Barry White, chief executive at TfN, said that for the people of the North, the proposals "will mean more choice over where they live and work, access to higher-quality jobs and better connections to friends and families. It will mean our businesses have more opportunity to collaborate, trade and grow in a sustainable way”.

The TfN board, which includes council leaders and metro mayors, will meet on Thursday 7 February. Subject to approval, the STP and Investment Programme will be launched on Monday 11 February at the TfN’s inaugural conference. From then onwards, they will become TfN’s statutory advice to the government on what the ongoing priorities are enhancing sustainable and inclusive connectivity across the North.

The STP and Investment Programme can be found here on the TfN website.

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