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Pipeline of community-led housing increases

Words: Laura Edgar
Community-led housing / iStock_000036031766

There are 23,000 community-led homes in progress, says a report by the National CLT Network – four times more than the (5,810 homes) estimate three years ago.

Estimating the Pipeline of Community Led Housing Projects and its Grant Requirements also found that there are nearly 900 community-led housing groups developing homes across England.

The funding needed to build them over five years amounts to £260.5 million outside of London.

The £163 million Community Housing Fund used to provide grants to community groups that managed housing projects, but it is now closed. According to the report, over the 18 months that the fund was open, it “stimulated significant growth”.

Therefore, the National Community Land Trust (CLT) Network, which published the report, is leading a campaign for the Community Housing Fund to be extended for another five years in Wednesday’s spring Budget (11 March).

The report uses two models to estimate grant requirements for revenue and capital funding.

Community groups have contacted more than 60 MPs to express their concerns for the future of their affordable housing projects should the fund not continue.

Catherine Harrington, co-chief executive at the National Community Land Trust Network, said: “The community-led housing movement is waiting with bated breath. If the Community Housing Fund is not extended in the spring Budget it would have devastating consequences.

“As our new research shows, the 18 months that the fund was open has rapidly expanded the community housing movement. Nearly 1,000 groups have projects, many of which are ‘oven-ready’. These are affordable homes that are backed by the community and are unlikely to be built by traditional developers.

“We urge the government to make good on its manifesto commitment and renew the Community Housing Fund for a further five years next week.”

The report can be found here on the National Community Land Trust Network website (pdf).

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