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Pioneering energy storage project near Larne gets more EU funding

Words: Roger Milne

A proposed pioneering energy project near Larne, County Antrim, has obtained more multi-million-pound funding from the European Union.

The project, being developed by Irish green energy developer Gaeletric, will store energy in the form of compressed air in underground caverns created within geological salt deposits on the Islandmagee peninsula.

The funding, totalling €8.2 millions (£6.9 million), covers the drilling of an appraisal well and detailed studies into the design of the project which was awarded EU funding of €6.5 million (£5.4 million) in 2015.

The company said the project would provide generation capacity of 330 megawatts for periods of up eight hours’ duration, enough to meet the power needs of more than 200,000 homes.

The scheme, currently waiting for planning permission, is the first specifically designed to support the integration of increasing amounts of renewable energy and to improve the sustainability and security of the power system in Northern Ireland.

Image credit | iStock