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Pilot begins for brownfield register

Words: Laura Edgar
Brownfield land / Roger Smith

Councils in England are now piloting the new brownfield registers in an attempt to bring forward derelict and underused land for new homes, communities secretary Greg Clark has announced.

Seventy-three councils are taking part in the pilot.

The 15 councils with the most  brownfield land in the register pilot project are:

•    Cherwell

•    County Durham

•    Huntingdonshire

•    Leeds

•    Liverpool

•    Manchester

•    Medway

•    Newcastle upon Tyne

•    Peterborough

•    Selby

•    Sheffield

•    South Cambridgeshire

•    Sunderland

•    Tonbridge and Malling

•    Wigan

The registers are expected to provide house builders with up-to-date and publicly available information on all local brownfield sites for housing so that suitable sites can be identified quickly to “speed up the construction of new homes”.

The government said the registers would also enable communities to draw attention to local sites for listings.

Clark said: “A key part of our ambition to build one million homes is to get work started on brownfield sites across the country – many of which are currently nothing more than blight on a community’s landscape.

“These councils will be at the forefront of these efforts to list land and encourage builders to deliver new homes for aspiring homeowners.”

Clark added that this is just the first step, urging council to continue to offer up brownfield sites to deliver the homes “their residents want and need”.

The councils taking part in the pilots would inform future government policy and guidance on the operation of brownfield registers.

Each council that has agreed to take part in the pilot will receive £10,000 of government funding to help to establish the register.

Image credit | Roger Smith