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Petition warns of 'Trump fiasco' over green belt development near Dunblane

Words: Roger Milne

A petition of more than 1,000 signatures against a proposed sports and housing development near Dunblane has been submitted to Holyrood.

The £37.5 million Park of Keir scheme, which proposes tennis and golfing facilities as well as luxury homes and a hotel on a green belt site, was turned down by Stirling Council in March.

The developers have appealed to the Scottish Government. The project has high-profile backers including Judy Murray, mother of tennis ace Andy Murray, golfer Colin Montgomerie and former football manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The petition, called "Save Park of Keir, don't let it be another Trump fiasco", has also been forwarded to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Appeal documents submitted by the developers to the Scottish Government said: "The Park of Keir proposals can be considered as both nationally and locally important, and will make a significant contribution to the local and national economy.”

Image credit | iStock